2020: Rekindled love for Sailor Moon + New Year Goals

It’s been a week since 2020 started but I still have a 2019 hangover.

2019 has been so good to me in every aspect. My job sent me to USA again (and I got to spend my birthday there), we birthed Mindanao Book Club and our family has been continuously growing since day one, I got my first PR package from Though Catalog, I’ve been reposted by different authors and bookstores online and I was sent to Manila for Big Bad Wolf Books Sale which paved way to the BBWxMBC collaboration when they went to Davao last year.

It was a crazy ride, so don’t blame me if I’m still hungover (haha). But I know 2020 will open more doors and create more opportunities for me. I’m already treating 2020 as the year of self-discovery (and re-discovery), self-care and self-love. I know all the “self” sounds so selfish, but you couldn’t give what you don’t have, right?

Now, since I’ve rekindled my love for Sailor Moon (I’ve been binging Sailor Moon Crystal!), I’m sharing with you a list of my 2020 goals using animated Sailor Moon gifs! Now step back and let me take a moment…

โœจMoon Prism Power Make Up! โœจ

*Cue music: Moonlight Densetsu*


Goal #1: Read and support more local authors/artists

giphy (2)

I’ve been very lousy with adding local authors to my TBR last year, so I wanted to do more of it in 2020. I know there’s a treasure trove of books written by Filipino authors out there, and I’m excited to fully discover some of them this year.

I’ve recently picked up Si Janus Sรญlang at ang Tiyanak ng Tรกbon by Edgar Calabia Samar and I LOVED IT! It was my first read of the year and I’m glad it already set the tone for 2020! I can’t wait to finish the series!


Goal #2: Cross off more books from my TBR pile

giphy (3)

I bought A LOT of books in 2019, but I only read 20% of them. Now, I have no more shelf space and I’ve been stacking them on my bedroom floor. LOL.

This year, my goal is to finish those books, decide which once to keep and find new owners of the ones I won’t. Gives me more shelf space and money to spend on new ones!


Goal #3: Save up, buttercup!

giphy (4)

Yeah, I spent a lot last year. I did not name myself “Bryan Hoards Books” for no reason! But this year, I wanted to be more in control of my finances. No more impulse buyingย and random trips on bookstores where I say “I’ll just take a quick peek!” I’m saving up to buy my own car this year too, so that’s a good motivation!


Goal #4: Live a healthier lifestyle

giphy (5)

I have a gym membership but I can only count the times I went to thy gym last year. It feels like I’m donating my money every month. LOL

This year, my goal is to exercise more, eat healthier and worry less about the things I can’t control. Say no to unnecessary stress in 2020!


Goal #5: Celebrate small wins and reward myself more

giphy (7)

This year, I will try my best to be motivated by small wins and try to shun negative vibes. Celebrating small wins would keep me focused and humble. This year, I’m giving myself more pats on the back and say “You’re doing great! Keep it up!”


Goal #6: Give back to my family

giphy (8)

This is one of my major goals and I hope I can live up to it. I want to give back to my family (especially my father) this year. I want to do more, and I’ll try my best to do it.

After all, my father raised a Sailor Guardian. He’s so lucky!


Well, those are the things I’m trying to work on this year. I hope I could achieve these goals and not give up in the process. This is me kissing my 2019 hangover goodbye and welcoming 2020 with open arms!

Virtual hugs and kisses,


Australia is currently burning and a lot of people and wildlife are losing their homes. Here’s a Twitter thread of all the places you can donate to help Australia’s bushfires. If only I could shout *Moon Healing Escalation* to prevent the fires, I would. Let’s be someone else’s Sailor Moon โœจ

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