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Hi, I’m Bryan!

Two months ago, I started a BookTube Channel. For a while, I was religiously posting videos. But work life got in the way, so I struggled in maintaining my presence in the community. Though I had fun doing that (okay, I’m still doing BookTube), it always felt like something’s missing. Even when I can’t stop talking on my videos, I always end up doing what I believe I’m good at — writing.

The idea of creating this blog started a long time ago, and today, I’m making it real. Now, let me take this opportunity of welcoming you to my blog!ย I know this will be a crazy and fun ride because I’ll talk about something that I’m really passionate about: Books

To start off, here are some things you should know about me:

  • I don’t remember the first book I read, but I will always remember the first book that made me fall in love with reading. Harry Potter changed my life (and maybe yours too).
  • YA is my jam. Contemporary YA is my go-to, but that doesn’t mean I don’t branch out to other genres. Sometimes, I want to surprise myself with one that I don’t usually read.
  • I’m a hoarder. You know what they say, “The higher the TBR pile, the closer to God.”ย I love prancing inside the bookstores while admiring book covers (and secretly adding it to my to-buy list).

I’m excited to share my world with you through writing. I’m not sure if I can write religiously, but I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll find the time to do so. I can’t wait to make new friends, discover new books and find new adventures.

Virtual hugs and kisses,

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